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Preparation and Packing:
For many people just the thought of packing all their possessions is a daunting prospect. Don’t worry, help is at hand! We will expertly and swiftly pack your complete household or merely those difficult or fragile items.
Full packing service * DIY Packing * Part Packing Service * All packing materials available from us.

Loading, Transport & Unpacking
On the day our crew will protect your bannisters, put down floor runners to guard your flooring and protect your soft furnishings with sofa covers. We can arrange for an electrician to come and take down your lights and disconnect your cooker. We can organise other tradesmen to come in to assist your move, such as carpet layer to lift your carpets. This is all part of our professional removal service.

Moving house is a costly business. With solicitors fees, surveyors, stamp duties and more, it is understandable that you may be reluctant to pay for a removal company too. Indeed, there is something to be said for doing a move yourself. If you have a small flat or are downsizing considerably it may well be that hiring a van and roping in a few friends is the perfect, budget-friendly way to move home!

However for many others, a professional and reliable removal company is a key part of the move. They can ensure that all of your beloved possessions make it to your new home in one piece and take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders in the lead up to the big day. To help you decide whether employing a professional removal company is the right choice for you, we have outlined our top 5 reasons for using a removal company to help you move.

Expert Knowledge
When it comes to moving things – no one knows more than we do! Sometimes it isn’t as simple as picking up some furniture and moving it from a to b. Planning, precision and years of experience are crucial when moving special items such as pianos and artwork, or when manoeuvring items down narrow staircases or new floors. By employing a professional and experienced removal company you can be sure that all of your items arrive safely to your new home.

Specialist Equipment
Any professional removal company will have plenty of good-quality protective bags and covers ready to bring with them on the day. This will make sure that your sofas are not scratched, your TV screens are safe and your paintings are protected. Most removal companies include boxes in the price of your move and at Schofields we will deliver them to you before your move date and collect them once you’ve emptied them.

Look After Yourself
Furniture is heavy business. Packing, shifting and lifting boxes can be physically demanding and if you’re not sure of proper lifting techniques you could seriously hurt yourself. Professional removal companies provide full training to their staff which will ensure that no one gets hurt in the process of your removal.

One Less Stress
It isn’t surprising that people say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Having the additional worries of hiring vans and making sure that you’re out of your old house by noon can be easily avoided by letting someone else handle those fiddly logistics.

Value for Money
Hiring a professional removal company can be much more budget-friendly than you may realise. The use of boxes and protective covers is usually included in the price and the years of experience and care is priceless. Schofields provide free, no-obligation quotations so get in touch to book yours and find out more about how we can help to make your move easier and stress-free!*

5 Top Tips for Moving with Pets
Moving day can be full of little stresses. As you race to make sure that all of your belongings are packed away and that your fridge has been emptied, the additional worry over your furry loved ones is one stress you could do without. Here at Schofields, we have a lot of experience in dealing with pets on your removal day so take a deep breath, relax, and let us share our advice with 5 tips on how to move with pets.

Prepare for your move.
Once your removal company arrive things can become quite hectic with many people, boxes and furniture coming and going. You want to keep your pet away from this chaos and so ideally you should try to drop them with a friend or family member for the day. If that isn’t a possibility, or you think that may cause your pet more stress, you could instead arrange for one room in the house to be cleared of everything and used as a dedicated pet room. You can fill it with food, water and any of your pet’s favourite toys. Put a sign on the door to let your removal porters know that your pet is in there and that they shouldn’t open the door.

Stick to your routine.
As much as possible it’s always best to try to keep to any routine you already have with your pets. Feeding them at their usual time will help to minimise their stress and taking your dog for a walk will provide a small respite for you both!

Make sure that your new house is pet-ready.
Give the garden a thorough check before letting your pets out. Make sure that any fences or gates you have are secure and ensure that there aren’t any plants which may harm your pets. If you have a cat who comes and goes through a cat flap and there isn’t already one in the house, arrange to have one fitted. Equally, if there is a cat flap in the house already but you don’t want your cat to use it, make sure you have locked it shut.

Make sure you pay special attention to cats.
A change of scenery can be confusing to any animal however some are usually quicker to adapt. As a rule dogs can quickly settle into their new surroundings and walking routes however cats may need a little more time to get used to it. The general advice when getting a cat used to a new home is to try and keep it inside for at least a week so that it can become familiar with the sights and smells of the house. Once you decide to let it out to explore, keep an eye on its whereabouts as cats have been known to return to their old homes – especially if the old house is nearby.

Finally…be yourself!
Your pets are never happier than when they are around you. Keep giving them the love and affection you usually do and they’ll settle into their amazing new home in no time!

The cost of hiring a removal company depends on several factors, such as the distance of the move, the volume of belongings, additional services required. It’s best to fill out our removal quote form so that we can get you an accurate quote for your needs. You can fill out a quote for us here

Most professional removal companies including Schofield have insurance to cover any damages or losses that may occur during the moving process. However, it’s essential to inquire about the type and extent of all insurance coverage and understand the terms and conditions before finalizing your agreement. View our insurance information

Schofield offer packing services as part of our offerings. You can choose to have us pack your belongings, or you can do it yourself if you prefer. Packing services often incur additional charges, so it’s best to discuss your requirements with the us beforehand. You can view our packing services here

Schofield strive to minimize delays and issues, but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes occur. We have a dedicated waiver to help you through these issues and we are open and transparent about the procedures in these situations. You can view our waiver here

We provide long term, medium term and short term storage for all of your needs. Whether you need quick storage as you move or if you need long term as you clear out some space, Schofield can accommodate you. You can check out our storage options here