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    We’re proud to be a family run
    business that’s been running for
    over 100 years.

    We can move you wherever your new home is located.

    We are a house removals company based in Essex and Suffolk. We can move you wherever your new home is located in the UK.

    Domestic Removals

    Business removals, corporate relocations and commercial removals.

    We are experienced in helping with business removals, corporate relocations and commercial removals across Suffolk and Essex.

    Commercial Removals

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    Planning: Free survey, consultation, and quotation offered. Fill out our survey or book home survey for accurate quote.

    Preparation and Packing: We've got expert packing services available. Full, DIY, or part packing options. Packing materials can be provided.

    Loading, Transport & Unpacking: Schofield professional removal service includes protection for property, furniture, and soft furnishings. Additional services like electrician and tradesmen are available.

    Expert Knowledge: Professional removal companies such as Scofield have the experience and expertise to handle special items and navigate challenging situations during the move.

    Specialist Equipment: Schofield provides protective bags, covers, and boxes to ensure the safety of your belongings.

    Look After Yourself: Professional movers are trained to handle heavy furniture and use proper lifting techniques, reducing the risk of injury.

    One Less Stress: Hiring a removal company eliminates the worries of logistics and allows you to focus on other aspects of the move.

    Value for Money: Professional removal services often include boxes and protective covers, and the care and experience they provide are valuable. Request a free quotation from Schofield to learn more and make your move easier and stress-free.

    Prepare for the move: Consider keeping pets with a friend or designate a dedicated pet room with food, water, and toys.

    Stick to routines: Maintain feeding and walking schedules to minimize stress.

    Ensure a pet-ready new house: Check the garden for secure fences, gates, and safe plants. Install or lock cat flaps as needed.

    Pay attention to cats: Give cats time to adjust by keeping them indoors initially and monitoring their whereabouts.

    Be yourself: Provide love and affection to help pets settle into their new home quickly.

    Boxes, bubble wrap, paper tissue… We’ve got it covered!

    Packing Accessories

    Sealing Tape Dispenser


    Packing Materials

    Single Mattress Cover


    Packing Materials

    King Size Mattress Cover


    Packing Materials

    Sofa Cover


    Packing Materials

    Armchair Cover


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