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Our Environment

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.
Green initiatives from Schofield Removals, taking action now.

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We actively encourage recycling of our packaging materials

We request that after your removal that you cut the tape on your boxes and fold them flat ready for collection. Please ensure that they are kept dry otherwise we cannot either reuse them or recycle them once they are wet and will ask you to arrange disposal.

If you are moving out of our area we may suggest that you offer them to friends or family that may be moving or try calling a local moving company that may be able to make use of them. If you find that you have to dispose of them please do so in a responsible manner.

Below is a link to help you find you’re nearest recycling point:


Saving you money and saving the environment – making a green commercial investment

From January 2008 we saw a low emission zone or LEZ implimented by councils within the M25 area, including London. Any heavy vehicles entering this zone, that do not meet strict new emission levels, has to pay £200 a day charge. This green pollution and carbon initiative is likely to spread and roll out to cities and metropolitan areas across the UK. So, if you live in London or within the M25 orbital, most Removal Companies will be passing on an extra £200 charge onto your removal costs.

Moving with Schofield Removals means you won’t have to pay a penny of any additional charges.

In line with our dedication to our clients in London and our commitment to environmentally friendly initiatives, we are making substantial investments in state-of-the-art emission reduction technology for a portion of our vehicle fleet. These vehicles not only meet but surpass the stringent new emission standards for heavy vehicles operating within the M25 area, both now and in the future. We take pride in offering reliable and frequent services for transportation to, from, and across London. Whether it’s a small auction purchase or a complete house removal, we ensure that the same exceptional level of service you would expect from a local family-run business in the countryside is delivered right in the bustling heart of London.

To accommodate your needs, we can coordinate with local councils to secure temporary parking bay or meter suspensions for our removal vehicles. It’s important to note that different boroughs in London may have varying timeframes and pricing structures for parking, with some requiring a 14-day notice period. If you haven’t utilized our services before, we encourage you to contact us today. We offer competitive prices, exceptional service, and prioritize both your satisfaction and our environmentally conscious approach.

Installation of solar panels on our new purpose built warehouse

In 2023 we have taken the step to reduce our impact on the environment even further with the
installation of 120 solar panels. This provides almost 45kw of power to our site in daylight
conditions. Nearly enough during daylight hours to meet all of the business consumption needs.
Along with the solar we have had a upgrade plan for our warehouse and office lighting. Over the last
year all of the lighting has been changed to all low energy LED fitments reducing the electrical
consumption of the site by 40%.

We’re proud to be a family run
business that’s been running for
over 100 years.